The Love of Two Oranges! by Joe Gallivan

The Love of Two Oranges by Joe Gallivan


Joe Gallivan
This year, I will be offering “LOVE CRY WANT” with Michelle Webb, Tom McNalley and myself and the “RAINFOREST INITIATIVE” with Anupriya and Paul Rogers and me. Michelle and Tom are the best young musicians I’ve found in years. Both have a distinctive voice and are mature players having had many diverse experiences in relatively short careers. this trio can play anywhere anytime with great energy and fire———-The first “LOVE CRY WANT” featured the great LARRY YOUNG and had one self titled CD. I gave up looking for another organist like him and turned to two fantastic musicians who played guitar and bass guitar with a similar energy and creativity and we have just recorded the 2nd “LOVE CRY WANT” CD . , The “RAINFOREST INITIATIVE “was first a nine piece that included Evan Parker, Elton Dean ,Marcio Matto,the great Brazilian bassist and three hawaiian women chanters and healers. Unfortunately Elton and Mahalanie Poi Poi have left us and what was “Rainforest21″ has become the “RAINFOREST INITIATIVE” with Anupriya and Paul Rogers. I would like to be able to share with you the experiences of audiences in Europe where the people become hypnotized by the music and share what for us is a mystical experience.